Finding Happiness from the Inside Out

Finding Happiness from the Inside Out

By Kalamali Liguori

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

Time Magazine recently released an article on the pursuit of happiness in America. They said that Americans are unique in their persistent search for exciting new things to make them happy — whether it’s buying a new car, getting a new high-paying job, or traveling across the world.

This culture emphasizes the pursuit of happiness in the form of financial gain, prosperity, and abundance. However, many Americans are discovering that wealth and material gain alone do not offer the lasting happiness and deep inner fulfillment that they’re truly seeking.

So the question remains, what will make us happy?

And the answer: True happiness can only be experienced when we turn to find it within ourselves.

Each one of us has an innate ability to be happy. Indeed, our essential nature is bliss, and it is in seeking joy outside ourselves that we keep ourselves disconnected from the joy within. it is our inability to recognize this fact in the moment that prevents us from experiencing it naturally. We don’t have to always be in pursuit of something else, we just have to be.

Why choose to be unhappy? Find happiness now by planting the intention to be happy deep in the soil of your mind, then water it daily by doing only those things which you know will uplift your spirit. This means changing our perceptions about happiness, our attitudes toward life, and our corresponding actions and reactions toward the things that happen in life. This very moment each moment, we can choose to tap into, or move farther away, from the wellspring of happiness within.

In this day and age, we must find the balance between the inner and the outer search for happiness. This means enjoying that new car, that high-paying job, or travelling to far-away places, but realizing all the while that whatever happiness is found in these is only a reflection of the glowing joy within you!

Only when we can come to understand that happiness comes from within us, will it be possible to find a happiness that won’t be faded by time, nor be changed by circumstance. Then we will have found happiness.

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“When you change, your whole world changes. Begin the journey to finding happiness.”